Sintered Powdered Metal & M.I.M.

Sintered powdered metal and M.I.M. parts individually have their unique and distinct applications and capabilities. They are in some ways competing technologies but complement metal part production. Not to be confused as the same process sintered powdered metal parts do not shrink as much as M.I.M. parts which is also a powder metal mix with added binder of a plastic or wax type substance used to enhance material flow during the manufacturing process.

Decades of experience
High-quality powder metal parts at competitive prices. ISO registered facility.
Iron base, low alloy, stainless steel (300 & 400 series), infiltrated steel .
Iron copper and copper alloys.
Brass, Bronze, iron Nickel

Secondary Operations
Heat Treatment, Coining, Sizing, Plating, Coatings, drilling, tapping, machining, assembly

Enhancement of part design and critical features
An enhancement to Investment casting with respect to tolerances when the design, size and volume supports. Today’s technology and engineering support alloys the production of powder metal parts net or near net shapes.

Our goal, your parts on time, on budget!